Nursery Security

Dropping off & Picking up of Children

As the Children’s safety is of paramount importance to the nursery, entrance into the
Nursery buildings is only accessible through a Buzzer control entry system.

When dropping off and collecting a child, they require to be signed in and out using a pre-printed register - Parents must write the time of arrival & departure along with a signature.

Only recognised and authorised adults are permitted to pick a child up from the Nursery, unless prior notice and a password has been given to the Nursery staff.

Visitors to the nursery

Access into the Nursery shall only be permitted via the main door (face to face) for all unexpected visitors to the Nursery.  No unexpected visitor shall be let into the building based on verbal communication only.

All known visitors to the nursery will be accompanied by a member of staff and shall be requested to sign the visitors book.


We operate a robust Fire Safety, Loss of Utilities & Evacuation Policy, which is implemented in the event of any emergency scenario.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments are completed prior to children entering the garden areas, to ensure they are safe and secure before children have access to it.  Similarly Risk Assessments are carried out prior to any outings with the children.



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