Our playroom in this Nursery has facilities for children aged 9 months to 30months and follows the ‘Together We Can’ Curriculum.  A range of experiences are planned around this - Social Competence, Cognitive Competence, Physical Competence, Health & Wellbeing, Communication, Language & Representation and Emotional & Spiritual, and children are encouraged to participate.

As our playroom is open plan it provides many various opportunities for
children to engage in a range of experiences including role play, sensory play, and messy play. Children are also able to experience ‘quiet time’ within the
story area. Children within the nursery are freely able to explore and investigate all areas of the playroom with ease and confidence.

The playroom provides children with the opportunity to have rest times during
the day.

The nursery has a flexible routine in place; and we will cater for each child’s own individual routine i.e. sleeping and feeding times.  We encourage healthy eating within the nursery and follow guidance within the ‘Setting the table’ document in order to provide our children with a healthy diet.  Children enjoy a “relaxed, sociable snack and lunch experience… supporting children to form friendships.”  (Care Inspectorate 2015)


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