Our private and secure garden area within this Nursery provides children with access to the outdoors at various times throughout the day.  An open door policy during the summer months allows children to have access to both the playroom and the garden.

The garden has a selection of outdoor equipment for the children, including Mud Kitchen, chutes and cars. The nursery also provides the children with a range of physical resources including balls, hoops and bean bags etc.

Children are encouraged to explore all areas of the garden, including our planting and growing area, and our digging area.  These areas allow the children to develop an understanding of the environment around them.

Outdoor experiences are planned by the staff to ensure
learning is continued from the indoor environment to the outdoors.  These experiences all link to the areas within the ‘Together We Can’ guidance.

At 3 Bears Cambuslang, we believe outdoor learning is about more than providing opportunities for children to get fresh air
and exercise.  It is about providing “environments and resources which are skillfully planned and organised, with challenge and
risk in mind.” (Scottish Government 2010).

Our nursery provides an outdoor environment which allows children to become more aware of their own self wellbeing
and the wellbeing of others around them.


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